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prints and , (singular and plural)
  1. Plural of print
  2. shortening of fingerprints
  3. posters (usually photographic prints) that are replicas of fine art


  1. third-person singular of print


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Print may refer to:
  • Printing, mostly using a printing press
  • Printmaking, various processes for producing multiple copies of works of art by printing
  • Old master print, a product of printmaking, such as an engraving, etching or woodcut, in the European (as opposed to eg Asian) tradition, especially those made before 1830
  • Textile printing
  • Input/output, computer output on a screen or on paper
  • Photographic print, i.e. photograph or photo
  • Print (filmmaking), e.g. distribution print
  • A BASIC programming language command that generates text in text modes. Derived from the text printing process on teletype terminals prior to refreshing displays
  • Print (magazine), a bimonthly magazine about visual culture and design
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